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How to prepare delicous chicken patties easily

Hmmm…. Chicken patties a delicacy so delicious I spend a lot of my money on those but to save money I found a very simple and tasty recipe you can make in your kitchen

chicken patties

dough recipe
flour- 3 cups
salt – 1/2 tsp
unsalted butter -4tbsp

mix this 3 ingredients with ur hand then add chilled water pour in the chilled water little by little and mix till u get that desired dough then knead for 7 mins then you put the dough in the freezer after wrapping with a plastic bag for exactly 30mins

unsalted butter – 300g
flour -4tbsp

in another bowl mix these ingredients together and put it in a plastic bag and put in the freezer for 10min when your dough is done freezing put it on a floured surface and knead then you use rolling pin to roll it into a circle or a rectangle, after that you put in the frozen butter in the centre and use the dough to cover the butter and mix till u get a proper dough  then put it in a bag and into the freezer till you are done with your patties feelings /sauce

chicken feelings/ sauce

chicken – 1/2 kilo
veg oil – 2 tbsp
black pepper- 1 tbsp
dried pepper – 1 tsp
salt – to taste
seasonings( chicken flavors etc) – to taste
milk – 1 cup

method – procedure

1. put your pan on fire then add oil and when the oil is hot put shredded onions , black pepper , dried pepper , crushed tomatoes and other ingredients u wish to add, then Put in your chicken , salt and seasonings let cook for 1 minute then add your milk and stir and cover the pot for some time and stir  the feelings will be somehow thick

chicken patties
bring out the dough from the freezer and knead well on a floured surface and roll the dough to a rectangle in which u will cut the dough with a pizza wheeler or a sharp knife into a square shape measuring about 5cm long and make the square shaped dough form a rhombus by letting one of it point face you( optional but very nice) and at the sides of the patties rub your beaten eggs or  a thick mixture of flour and water to let the edges stick in the middle of the square u put in a spoonful of your chicken feelings/sauce and put the edges together and put in your patties in a well greased pan and you rub egg wash on them for a golden brown colour then you bake In a preheated oven till you get the golden brown colour …….. eat with chilled drink😋😋😋


The recipe is very good and it is easy and cheap to make very cheap infact I do this every sleepover or party at my place … Matoks recipes is here for you , pls make sure to comment if you loved the recipe , so as to Help and encourage other viewers to try it also your comments really help a lot it goes a long way in helping me , if you have any rec


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