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I know I know I have come again blerghh but y’all really need to see this new recipe I just aquired its mind blowing, breath taking , taste heavenly , soft and succulent will take one back to breastsucking days ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ’¯

soft milky bun rolls

water – 1/3 cup ( warm )
sugar – 1 tsp +1/4cup
yeast – 1tsp
milk -2/3 cup ( warm)
butter -1/2 cup ( room temperature)
eggs – 2
flour – 4 cups ( must sieve 3 times)

method – procedure
in a bowl add in your water , sugar(1tsp ) and yeast give it a little mix and cover then In another bowl add in your milk , sugar(1/4 cup) , butter , eggs and 4 cups of flour then add your water , sugar and yeast solution and mix it with your mixer let it mix for 10 min , if the dough sticks to the edge of the mixer bowl or is a sticky dough add flour 1/2cup till dough is non sticky like the bread dough then rub oil in another bowl and put in your dough and let rise for 15 -30 min then you want to punch the dough slightly not to much and put it on a well floured surface and knead then cut to 12 pieces then you use a Rolling pin to roll your dough till you make a rectangle or circular shape (preferable) , any shape of your choice then you use a pizza cutter and cut in the shape of a  pizza and you take in your pizza slice and roll from the broad end to the narrow end till you get a shape like the pic I posted , do it for the rest and when you are done you arrange on a lightly greased pan and you cover to let rise for 20 – 25 mins then you use butter and rub the dough and you bake till you get a crusty top, golden colour or you poke a hole with a tester or 1 broom stick and when you don’t see the dough on the tester/ broomstick it is done serve and eat with chilled coke😋😋😋

pls like and follow up, try this recipe and comment it is very simple and very rewarding( delicious) by commenting you don’t know how much you help me thank you😚😊


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