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Fast and simple recipe


egg – 1 large size
salt – a pinch
unsalted butter – 20ml( melted)
milk – 40 ml
flour -160g

mix all of this ingredients in a bowl using a mixer or your hand or a spatula then cover and prepare the second dough

second dough
egg – 2 med sizes
salt – 1 pinch
sugar – 4 tbsp
unsalted butter – 30ml ( melted)
flour – 200g

mix all the ingredients in a bowl  using a mixer or your hand or a spatula

method – procedure
takeout the first dough and use a rolling pin to roll into a semi large rectangle then use a paint brush to brush some butter on the surface then you use rolling pin to do the same for the second dough and you put the second dough on the first dough and you roll it together using the rolling pin it will stick because of the butter and you use a pizza cutter to cut the dough to small, fine , equal cubes maybe cut to 36 pieces and  you will see what you should do with the inshot edited video

when you are done you fry using veg oil or anytype of oil until golden brown like the picture and you eat with warm milk😝😝💯


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